About Me

Hi there and welcome to my blog.IMG_0081

We all have hobbies, habits and joys. Mine involves photography and documenting important events.

I am a youthful and adventurous traveller and photographer. I’ve travelled to places like Tanzania, Prague, New York, Bangkok, Whistler and Melbourne.

Ever since I was six years old I have had the travel bug.

I guess you could say I have developed this love for travel from my parents. We didn’t really have the nicest and biggest house or car. Instead we travelled. So many family holidays with my brother telling me to put the camera away but I just had to take photos of everything. I was lucky to have parents who gave me these experiences from a young age. Because of them, I caught the travel bug and I am so glad I did!

Just imagine, flights booked, tickets in hand, suitcase packed and you arrive at the gate for your departure. You leave your worries behind and board your flight. This is where the adventure begins. Butterflies in your stomach and fingers crossed the plane ride is sweet and breezy. And then the arrival…

To learn a little bit more about me Click Here


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