18 hour Coach Ride | Contiki Mini Series

The contiki ski trip was located in Hopfgarten and it is not the easiest place to get to. Takes a few train rides and awkward changes. However Contiki offers a coach ride from London straight to Haus Stroneck.

One catch, the ride can be over 18hours. When booking I forgot to consider this small detail.

Our ride took 19 and a half hours in total. I had arrived back in London after a quick visit to Brighton (post link) and waited at the Contiki London “headquarters” as I like to call it until 6pm.

At 6pm there was a meeting with all those catching the coach ride. By 7pm the bus left. We had two awesome bus drivers and I feel terrible because I cannot remember their names but one would always say “Winner winner, chicken dinner”.

Because no-one knew each other they made us participate in coach speed-dating so we would get to know everyone and help make it less awkward. It did help, a little. Everyone was Australian except for 1 New Zealander and one Canadian. Wait and one girl was from London!

After a couple of hours we all had to get onto a ferry, which was very bumpy. During this 1.5hr ferry ride to France everyone was buying cheap alcohol (yes, it’s a Contiki it’s expected) and snacks for the long, long, long ride ahead.

Once off the ferry it was sleep time!! Surprisingly the coach seats were very comfy. I did have two seats to myself which helped and the seats were definitely more comfier than plane seats.

As the sun rose people began to awake or some were still awake and somehow bared the past 9hrs. We had breakfast at some weird German gas station and then watched movies until arriving into Austria.

By this time everyone were like zombies and very exhausted, but we had to get right off the bus, meet the Contiki team members and get all our gear sorted out and find our rooms for the next week or two before a briefing in the bar.

After this coach ride experience I feel as though I have learnt some valuable lessons of how to handle a long ride. So look out for a post with tips on long coach rides!!

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Stamped Passport. IMG_2421


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