Skiing in Hopfgarten im Brixental

DSC00909The past 2 weeks has been jam packed and I am so sad it is over. For the past 2 weeks I was in a small town called Hopfgarten on a ski trip with a company called Contiki.

So much happened and it is hard to try and squish it all into a small blog post. I will start with Hopfgarten. Hopfgarten im Brixental is a market town in the Austrian state of Tyrol. The locals are so genuine and open to Aussie tourists and the ski slopes… are awesome.

So basically for 2weeks I was skiing, indulging in local meals and drinks, meeting lots of new people and doing more skiing. I have really enjoyed every aspect of my solo trip however I think this has been the cherry on top. I wasn’t even meant to stay for 2 weeks but by the end of the first week I made a decision to stay a 2nd, that says something right?

They say the people make the trip and I totally agree. I met lots of awesome people, majority Australian’s but there was a Canadian and a few South African boys in the mix of travellers. These amazing travellers made the Contiki so much better than expected and I made some great friends I hope to see in the near future.

The daily routine went wake up, breakfast, ski, ski, lunch, ski, ski, Randell’s, dinner, party, sleep. Well, the party part wasn’t daily but quite frequent!

I did try calculate how many kilometres I did in the two weeks and I think I have come so a sum of approximately 160km of skiing. From doing 30km one day to only doing 8km on a lazy day. Ok, well I wouldn’t say lazy day. On some days the weather was so bad you couldn’t see where you were going due to fog and snow meaning less skiiing. However, it usually meant great weather and conditions the for the next couple of days.

Söll home run. Town near Hopfgarten

Ok, I really need to talk about the views! Some of the views you would get from the top of slopes and whilst skiing down were breath taking! The photos in this post can not do justice.

I am not a pro or advanced skier. I don’t even dare to attempt black runs! So, I took lessons with Ski School Alpine. Their instructors are pretty awesome and great teachers. You can always spot them on the slopes with their bright red jacket and pants.

Obviously Contiki activities were a big part of the trip. However, I am going to save that for another blog post, so look out for that! There may even be more Ski blog posts because there is so much more to say about my 2 weeks skiing.

Overall, my 2 weeks in Hopfgarten were just insanely brilliant. I cannot wait to go back to Hopfgarten and Austria.

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