Cheddar, Somerset

Over Christmas and the New Year I spent my time in aDSC00740 large village called Cheddar. Cheddar is a beautiful town in Somerset, west of London. It may be small but it is filled with spectacular views, friendly locals and glorious cheese. 

For a small place it has a lot to offer and experience. I was a tourist however I was not there for pure touristic reasons. However, I can let in on a few things, available for any tourists, that are my favourite.

I have been to Cheddar multiple times in my life and love going back every time. It brings back so many memories of playing crazy golf, walking up the gorge, DSC00748going to the pound store and eating old fashion sweets. 

My two personal favourites are Crazy Golf and the Cheddar Sweet Kitchen. Crazy Golf is just a small and quirky 18 hole golf course at the bottom of the gorge. And the Sweet Kitchen is my English childhood…as I like to put it. It is a kitchen and sweet shop filled with traditionally made sweets.

Now, Cheddar isn’t new and fancy however it has this homely and welcoming vibe anyone could enjoy. There is something about it that’s just warm…even though it’s the DSC00757middle of winter! I can’t really put it into words to be honest.

On another note there is a decent fish and chips place called Tuckers. It isn’t high quality and five star however it is beautiful classic fish and chips- simple.

Right now I’m not in Cheddar however I will be going back. Get some more photos and spend more time with my family.

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