Three Days in Brighton

DSC00845I decided to visit Brighton last minute. I have always wanted to go on the Brighton pier, go shopping in the Lanes, cycle along the coast line. And I did just that.

Brighton is south of London and right next to the English Channel. So it is very windy! I have to say, I was not blessed with glorious weather. Was quite cloudy, rainy and windy whilst I was there.

I stayed at the New Madeira Hotel with a budget room and for a budget room it was very spacious! A lot better than the pictures made it out to be. The location was awesome! Next to the Brighton Pier and if you are lucky you can get a room with a view of the English Channel. DSC00844

On the first day I walked along Brighton Pier and played some of the arcade games- a great way to get rid of 2p coins. Unfortunately the rides and many of the shops were all close. But it is still worth visiting.

After that I headed towards The Lanes. The Lanes are basically many lanes filled with shops, cafes and restaurants. I’d been told you can “get lost” within the lanes and it can take more than a day to see everything. However, that wasn’t the case for me. Most shops were closed so I went through themall very quickly.

I then headed to the North Laine’s. I found this area more interesting to shop in and bought some interesting goodies. 

On the second day I hired a bike from Amsterdammers.I cycled over 8kms along the beachfront. I was very exhausted afterwards! The wind was so strong and I as going against the wind for majority of the time. My bottom also hurt quite a bit the next day.DSC00852

On my last day I had to return the bike back and it just kept raining and pouring all morning. I got so soaked. The irony was that by 12:30pm the sun was out and the rain had stopped. After returning the bike I had lunch in a nice cafe and explored The Lanes some more.

Overall, the trip down was worth it and a nice way to just relax… kind of. However I think it would be better to visit during the summer. I have a feeling everything would be open then. It felt like half of Brighton was closed due to Winter.

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