Visiting Bath

DSC00799I think I have been extremely lucky with weather whilst being in England. In London I had a couple of days that were 14 degrees, sunny days and this day was no exception. It may not be London but the weather was glorious! My Granny and I drove to Bath. The sun was beaming and I even had to take my coat off. 

Bath is a town in Somerset. A popular attraction is the Roman Baths and it became popular as a spa town in the Georgian era (1714-1830)- I had to google that.

We actually got up early and were off by 11am. For us that is petty good considering that is when we eat breakfast. Anyway!

So, we drove to Bath and we got lost…yep. I was meant to turn left into a parking area where buses take you into Bath but I kept driving and we ended up driving around for about 15 minutes until we found a parking area.

We first took a walk around Royal Crescent and then headed towards the city centre. We spent the day shopping and exploring.

After a couple hours of shopping we had afternoon tea on Pulteney Bridge, which was lovely and delicious. DSC00807

We then tried to find our way back to the carpark and found ourselves in an area full of multiple lanes of independent shops. I found an amazing shops filled with amazing scarfs, shoes, jumpers and much more with really quirky patterns and designs. The only problem is that if I had go there again I probably wouldn’t find it.

My Granny is such a character and makes me laugh a lot. We were heading back to the car and a toilet was desperately needed. We found some cafe toilets only Granny went into the male toilets without hesitation and went. I laughed so hard and when she came out I pointed it out to her and she said she thought it looked funny and different. Haha, I love you Gran- sorry I had to share that. We had a pretty big laugh. .

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