Wells, Somerset

Spending time with family is great however after 4-5 days oDSC00792f hibernating during Christmas… I think a day trip is “Well” needed.

My lovely Granny suggested to me that we could visit the small town called Wells for the day and that it would be a nice way to get out of the house and get some fresh air.

Wells is a very small town in Somerset filled with a mix of commonly known shops and independent shops. It also has a beautiful cathedral, Well’s Cathedrals, and Wells Bishop’s Palace, Moat & Gardens.

It really was a nice getaway. My Gran and I started with a small look at the shops and then found ourselves at this independent cafe near the cathedral called Square Edge Cafe. The staff were lovely and when we ordered they told us the food would take a while and said they would save our table.

So! We walked to Wells Bishop’s Palace, Moat & Garden. We walked around the moat, which was beautiful, and there were white swans! For those who don’t know where I am from you don’t reallDSC00781y see white swans ever.

After eating we visited the Wells Cathedral, which was also beautiful, and watched The Clock (known to be one of second oldest mechanism in Britain). Every 30 minutes knights of horse spin around it. We then came across one of the oldest streets in Britain. It was really pretty, there were no electricity poles, no cars and the houses had old fashion chimneys

After that we headed back home for home made Pizza!

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