Bye-Bye for now London

IMG_1772So I spent 10 days in London and what an awesome journey! I did, saw and learnt so much. Considering it was all solo I am feeling quite accomplished. I am now on a train heading out of London to visit family for Christmas and the New Year.

I will post weekly or less from now on because I am now spending time with family that I haven’t seen in almost 5 years. Although, where I am going is very beautiful and some great photography opportunities await.

In my last days in London I revisited Covent Garden, saw Matilda the musical, explored London with a friend from back home (ended up walking quite far!), met up with one of my cousins and just relaxed. I didn’t get any photos on my camera however the photo above was taken from an iPhone 5s. As you can see I’m very professional! haha

To hear about what happened today (future blog post to come) or what happens in the future you can subscribe to Stamped Passport via WordPress or email on the left side menu bar.

Stamped Passport xx


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