South Bank

DSC00686For having nothing planned, this day turned out to be one pretty awesome day and was definitely one of my top days in London.

I took the train to Westminster station, took photos of Big Ben, walked across Westminster bridge and took more photos of Big Ben and of course the London Eye.

After taking in the views I began to walk along South Bank. I came across London’s SEA LIFE Aquarium. I had looked into it a couple days early and just thought…ok why no! Lets do it. Whilst purchasing my ticket the lady informed me I could get discounts on other attractions near by…so again I thought why not!

The Aquarium was truly amazing. The way you could view the sea life and the amount of support the aquarium has towards protecting it is incredible. I got there just in time to watch the penguin feeding which was quite hilarious and special.

After the Aquarium I went to the London Dungeon (part of my discount package) and I do not do well with scary things so this was a stretch for me. Basically the London Dungeon is a scary, comedic show/tour about London’s history. You become a criminal in medieval times, go through Plague and Jack the Ripper times. It is truly worth seeing! There is even 2 small rides.

The only thing that really got me was that I was the person they kept asking “What’s your name girl? You have been found guilty! blah blah” and “What’s your name? I need you to take this letter!”. Everyone found it quite amusing, I found it creepy.

I then headed to the London DSC00696Eye (also apart of my discount package)! It really is amazing! So many beautiful views, especially of Westminster, and it is quite peaceful to. It does take 30 minutes however it goes very quickly.

Afterwards, I continued to walk along South Bank passing Christmas markets, Tate modern and The Globe. However, I had to then leave and catch a train back to the hostel because…

I was seeing WICKED! A musical I truly love. I had the most amazing seat. Third row and right in the middle! I was very happy. It was absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone!!

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Stamped Passport xx


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