Notting Hill

DSC00590I have always wanted to visit Notting Hill from seeing it in pictures and films. The buildings and houses are so pretty and dainty. I spent most of the morning just walking around the neighbourhoods.

After walking a few blocks I came across an elegant gate entrance, it even had a security guard to let cars in and there was no photography allowed. It was Kensington Palace. A beautiful road filled with lots of small but beautiful palaces! For “important” people or just the very rich.

All the buildings were all so individual and there were trees all lined up down the entire road. Too bad photography wasn’t allowed.

I decided to visit the Portobello DSC00602markets afterwards. It is quite popular on a Saturday there were so many people but so many stalls to go with it. Food, antiques, baked goods, clothing, jewellery and musicians. It was very entertaining. I bought a delicious street burger for lunch and headed back towards Notting Hill Gate underground.

I came across a Starbucks (well, why wouldn’t I? They are everywhere!) and bought a hot chocolate to see what the whole fuss is about. I’m not a coffee person so majority of the menu was a no. However the free wi-fi was a big yes! Whilst in Starbucks I made a decision to train it all the way to CaDSC00608 - Version 2ndem markets for the evening.

Candem markets was more edgy and modern, and I wish I could’ve stayed longer. I feel like I didn’t even get to see half of them because there were so many side alleys.

I headed back to the hostel with fruit for dinner and then had another relaxing evening at the hostel.

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Stamped Passport xx


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