Kensington to Big Ben

DSC00557By this day I was beginning to get a little tired even though I had only been in London for three days. However I still had a full day planned.

My day began with a trip to South Kensington to visit the famous Natural History Museum. The building is absolutely amazing inside and out. Entry is free but you can buy a guide for $10. I got there at around 10:15am and there was already a massive line just to get in (it opens at 10am by the way). I explored majority of the four zones. I was surprised how much I remembered from high school science and geography. Nothing was “Wow! Oh my gosh! New Information!”. However it is still worth the visit.

After that I quickly visited the Science museum and there were some really interesting displays on today’s discoveries, the universe and aviation.

The weather wasn’t the best. It was quite grey and cloudy but that didn’t stop me walking towards Harrods. For those who don’t know Harrods, it is a massive upmarket department store filled with some expensive brands in all categories. From expensive jewellery to expensive bread. I didn’t end up buying anything but it was still fun to explore. If Harrods isn’t your thing the shop windows are worth walking past

I continued walking and found myself next to Hyde Park where there was a winter wonderland filled with food, christmas stalls, rides, games and a circus tent. I had no idea it was even on so to find it was a pretty good bonus. I ate lunch there, bought some German goodies and headed towards Buckingham Palace.

DSC00541I got to Buckingham Palace and just stared, secretly hoping someone royal would appear. Sadly that didn’t happen although I saw a Fiat 500 inside the gates- I am a Fiat owner and lover so that got me really excited- it also looked a lot like mine!

I then headed towards Westminster Abbey and of course I got lost but found a beautiful park for some great shots. I did eventually find Westminster Abbey although it was over $30 to go inside! So I decided to give it a miss considering it isn’t going anywhere. And just around the corner was Big Ben.  DSC00582

Of course I took some snapshots. But, I was looking at all the other tourists and all they did was take a photo and then leave. Most wouldn’t even properly look at what was right in front of them. Have to admit, I’ve done that before.

A day full of walking so it was straight back to the Hostel for an early night.

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Stamped Passport xx


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