Exploring West End


I didn’t really know what I was going to do on this day except that I wanted to visit the National Gallery first. I successfully took the Tube to Charing Cross with no hassle. The surroundings where really beautiful and I spent awhile just admiring the landmarks.

The gallery on the other hand, I wasn’t too impressed and I do love paintings. I mainly wanted to see Monet’s famous water lily painting and there was only one other painting that I really admired. However I can’t remember who it was of or who it was by, I only have a postcard version of it.

After visiting the National Gallery I just started walking. I ended up in Piccadilly, I think. I wasn’t really checking my surroundings until I realised some familiar buildings and decided to visit Covent Garden. Only when I asked someone for directions I realised I had walked straight past it and had to walk back.

I had lunch in Covent Garden at the very popular shake shack. I have to DSC00471say it was a very enjoyable but simple lunch. I tried their salted caramel hot chocolate, although it was more like syrup!

I watched a few street performers, looked at the Apple Markets (filled with hand crafted goodies!) and then came across a Ladurée shop. Ladurée is an amazing macaron shop I adore. So obviously I had to buy a macaron…or two.

 After Covent Garden I just kept walking. I came across M&M world and it was massive! It had everything you could think of in

DSC00513M&M form. I then walked some more and found myself, in what I would call, the heart of West End. It was so alive filled with lights. It was a good way to end a day exploring the West End area.

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