Arriving in London


I can’t lie. I was a nervous wreck at the airport the night I left. I was thinking “What have I done. Why? Why am I doing this? By myself, you crazy?!”. It had been a crazy journey just planning this trip, since May, and it was about to start.

The plane rides… you know the usual. Wishing you were in business class, trying to sleep sitting up, eating food, watching movies. I was just happy I made my second flight considering the small lay-over time I had.

On arrival at Heathrow of course had to sit down and have a cup of Cocoa. I then attempted to get to London by the Tube. I seem to have figured it out, and after walking around for 30minutes I found my hostel- success! 

I had Nando’s and can I just say in the Uk…soooo much more into it than Australia! It was like a full on restaurant and WARNING to those who can’t handle spicy food, do not get Lemon and Herb. It is spicy over here in the Uk.

I have to admit the first night was very rough due to this over-whelming feeling of jet lag and being in a new place…by myself. However…

When the sun rose the next morning everything turned out ok. I went to Kings Cross and to Oxford street to buy clothes that I forgot to pack, oops. I had lunch in a nice snug place although they charged me over $4 for water. Note to self: Ask for tap water, it’s free!

So arriving in London has had it’s ups and downs. I wonder what will happen tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Arriving in London

  1. Hope you have a great adventure over there! I also visited London from aus this year. Funny how there’s such a big hype here about going overseas here. And that nervous feeling about travelling so far away, everyone gets it! I found that once I was there and after that first night, there was actually nothing to worry about. It’s just like travelling to another state in aus but on a larger scale really – the plane rides just longer!! Wish we all didn’t hype ourselves up so much. Least we know for the next time!! Enjoy!

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